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School Brochures

School brochures are both expensive to produce and costly and time consumming to keep up to date, especially with the constantly changing 'edicts' emmanating almost daily from the DfE.

We have developed some ways of counteracting some of thise costs and at the same time saving staff valuable time to give back to teaching.   

Click to view an old 2008 sample

'Chinese' Menu Style Tri-Fold Brochures

Very econonmical to produce and edit and can easily display all the mandatory information. Cheap to hand out at meetings and to send out to parents.  

Click to view larger image

Durable Brochure Folders

Thick card folder with two pockets inside for holding your brochure 'pages'

Major update savings by only having to edit and print certain pages

Click to view a sample e-book 

E-book 'on-line' Brochures

We can produce exciting digital versons of your brochure to share online via the school's website . Easy to update and our versions are printable.

Great savings

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